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ControllermacbooksAs part of the fashion project on my foundation. iI photographed a friend, Josh. I used the softbox to reflect onto the sunglasses and illuminate Josh, and had one light on the background. The above landscape will be used as a final for the fashion assignment, and bellow was a mess about with the split toning on Lightroom.joshsplit  This image bellow taken for a beauty project is the final i will be submitting, I feel that it looks more like a skin cream or makeup advert more than the backlit image lower down the page. This was photographed using two heads. One reflected from an umbrella camera left roughly at 40 degrees facing in. And i used one more light on the cove to make the background white.DIfinal1DianatwothirdsDiana, my class mate. Photographed in an infinity cove, using Nikons D800E, Sigma 50mm f1.4, Elinchrom BX backlit with a silver umbrella and balanced with a rectangular softbox camera right. Diana.I considered using this image bellow as a final for the beauty project however I feel the image above is much better suited for a beauty advertisement. Saying that I really enjoyed doing this lighting setup, and I am pleased with the results.Diana.DianaKevin was kind enough to step into the studio for ten minutes for me to get the shot I was after. I used a 50mm at f1.4 and an ND9 filter. Using one head with an umbrella i achieved this look. It could be a little sharper on the eyes, I struggled focusing while using the ND9 as it was quite dark through the viewfinder.Kev

Glass photographed for my still life project on my FD, the assignment was to photograph product and still life images. I wanted to shoot glass in as clean a way as I could achieve. I used a white acrylic sheet underneath the glass to create a reflection. To get a black line around the edges of the glass I made a tunnel out of black card and lit the glass from behind, also having another light on the background to keep it white. Though I changed that to have grad filters either side to add an edge and some drama.cobracobra-Edit copycobrafinishedBROCKEN GLASSlightbulbmacbook air

Image taken from the fully sussed race at newnham park.

Image taken from the fully sussed race at newnham park.


2 thoughts on “PHOTOGRAPHY

  1. Never in my life have i looked at the rifle range and said to myself …wow ! you have captured a truly amazing picture there and i will now look at the rifle range as a magnificent piece of architecture. your photography is fantastic seb, well done.

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